How it works

You can design your own shattie in 2 simple steps:

  1. Decide which two images should be "hidden" in a shattie.
  2. Upload your own images or select from the available examples: click the picture left/right to see a menu of available examples, to upload a picture click + in the menu.

You can upload any images in formats .bmp, .png. or .jpg, but shattie works with black-and-white bitmaps of resolution 70x70 pixels. If you upload images matching these parameters, they will be used directly as given. Otherwise our software will transform the images to meet the requirements.

    The uploaded images appear after necessary transformations in the menu of available black-and-white images. Review your design by changing the illumination and the view in the main frame. You can rotate the view and zoom in/out by just dragging the main view.

    For best results please follow the guidelines below when choosing custom images for your shattie:

    1. less is more: pick images with fewer details
    2. high contrast is better

    3. relevant subjects should be in the center